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Performances & Events

The world needs music! Are you playing your part? 

Practice Club: All students can join our Practice Club. Students complete a Practice Club Card during the week with five practices and parent initials, and bring it to the front desk to receive their game token for the music prize vending machine. The card is then entered into our Mega Music Practice Prize Drawing held twice a year for a chance to win a local area gift certificate (currently $30 Best Buy Card). So then, even if you think you are "too cool" to participate in the vending machine prizes, you will probably be up for a cool gift certificate - right?

Our lobby is filled with very proud students redeeming their tokens each week and getting their prizes. Lots of fun!

Music Mania Show Days in Piano Lab, Guitar Lab, Singers Lab: Five times during the year we hold performance show day in the Labs (see Calendar of Events for specific dates). Parents attend the last 30 minutes of class during their regularly scheduled class time for student solo and group ensemble performances. Plus, the teacher will discuss class curriculum and give details of what the students have been working on, as well and answer any questions that parents may have about home assignments, moving to private lessons, the Star Power Rock Band Series program, etc.

These performance days are very popular and not to be missed. Parents can see the progress of each student and the class as a whole by attending the performances during the year.

You will be amazed at the amount of material and music learning the group covers, and the level of musicianship demonstrated by the students.

Coffee House Shows for Private Students: Students perform a solo for family and friends in this relaxed venue (private lesson students). NO EXTRA FEE IS CHARGED for this event. All musical styles are represented, and students may perform with cd or teacher accompaniment.

Three Coffee House Shows are currently on the Event Calendar. Students/parents complete a Coffee House Registration Form and return it to our office before the deadline.

This is our most popular event series, since students and families are drawn to the easy-going, comfortable and relaxed atomosphere that lends itself to a friendly environment for musical sharing.

Music Showcase for Private Students: Many of our private students participate in our Music Showcase each year. This is an optional performance - if a student is not yet feeling comfortable about getting up in front of an audience they are not pressured (however they are certainly invited to attend the performance as an audience member).

Students/parents complete a Music Showcase Registration Form and return it to our office before the deadline, and perform a solo in a relaxed and friendly setting. NO EXTRA FEE IS CHARGED for this event. We generally have 6-7 showcases on a Saturday, one-hour each with 15 or so students on each program.

Students receive a Certificate of Achievement at their performance, and a good time is had by all.

Band Blowouts: Lights, Camera Action! Twice a year the Rock Band Students perform in our Performance Hall on a stage with professional equipment, lighting and sound. The Concerts feature a performance by each Band - two selections each.

These Concerts are one of the many highlights of our School, and what keeps students coming back year after year.


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